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Hacking Your Nutritional Approach to Health

September 07, 2021 Suzie Carr with Martha Tettenborn, RN Season 3 Episode 35
Curves Welcome
Hacking Your Nutritional Approach to Health
Show Notes

Nutrition has the power to positively affect our lives. One of the most profound areas where this can occur is in the process of cancer treatment. Nutrition, in concert with traditional medical interventions, can help make cancer therapies more effective to increase chances of survival.

In this episode of Curves Welcome podcast, I chat with Martha Tettenborn, RD about hacking chemo using "the ketogenic diet, therapeutic fasting, and a kickass attitude to power through cancer."

0:00 INTRO
0:18 Welcome Martha
1:40 The journey to nutrition
9:11 the ketogenic diet
11:25 cell metabolism and cancer
15:15 Food as medicine
19:30 We all have different nutritional needs
23:17 Win the struggle over maintainiing a healthy lifestyle
29:35 What should be organic?
35:10 Small changes make a difference
36:10 Hacking Chemo

Hacking Chemo Book
Cancer thrives on sugar. Cancer cells need it, unable to grow and multiply without a steady supply of glucose. But after a cancer diagnosis, medical and dietary recommendations from oncology doctors often result in increased blood sugar and insulin levels—the essential elements that cancer cells need to thrive.

In Hacking Chemo, Registered Dietitian and cancer survivor Martha Tettenborn uncovers the secrets of cancer metabolism, offering a refreshing new way of treating the disease with minimal side effects and maximum effectiveness. Cancer treatment like chemotherapy doesn’t have to derail your life. You can be your own bio-hacker by decoding how cancer works in your body…and your life.

About Martha Tettenborn, RD
Martha Tettenborn RD is a Registered Dietitian and certified Primal 
Health Coach with over 30 years of experience working in many areas of 
nutrition. She currently works in long term care with a focus on nursing 
homes and gerontology. Her private health coach practice, The Cancer 
Doula, promotes a low-carb, whole-foods-based approach to disease 
prevention and cancer symptom management.

When diagnosed with Stage 1 ovarian cancer, Martha began exploring the research of the disease and discovered the science of cancer metabolism. This led her to develop and use a protocol of ketogenic diet with targeted therapeutic fasting to significantly impact her response to 
chemotherapy. Inspired by her own journey, Martha wants to help others 
see cancer differently – as an experience that will give you strength, 
wisdom, and more love for your body and life than ever before.

A featured speaker at the Low Carb Long Weekend Summit and on numerous podcasts, Martha shares her knowledge as a dietitian and experience as a cancer patient to inform others about the power of metabolic interventions to support conventional cancer treatment. Martha also instructs courses teaching the ketogenic approach to cancer treatment for the Nutrition Network and Udemy.

A cancer survivor since 2018, Martha is an avid hiker, cyclist, live 
theatre backstage crew member and a wannabe world adventurer. She lives on the beautiful Bruce Peninsula in central Ontario, Canada

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