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How to Step into Your Personal Power with Christian de la Huerta

August 28, 2021 Suzie Carr and Christian de la Huerta Season 3 Episode 34
Curves Welcome
How to Step into Your Personal Power with Christian de la Huerta
Show Notes

There’s an important balance point that many of us miss in our lives, causing us to live in a state of constant struggle. We want to live with purpose but often get stuck in that place in between fear and freedom. Understanding how to tap into our personal power is the key to experiencing life in a balanced state. In this episode of Curves Welcome, special guest, award-winning, critically acclaimed author, Christian de la Huerta, shares his insights on this life-changing approach to living a purposeful, well-balanced life. 


0:00 INTRO

1:04 Welcome Christian de la Huerta

1:45 Gaining personal power despite being raised in hierarchal settings

5:00 The soul of power

6:49 Gender equality

10:15 Gaining balance between masculine and feminine

12:08 Power of creation  that resides in female body

14:35 Releasing emotions

16:42 Emotions are energy

19:40 Fearing the power of success

22:50 Fear of abusing power

24:56 Playing small to avoid conflict

29:00 Protecting the empath heart

35:28 Mastering the eye of the storm

About Christian de la Huerta

With 30 years of experience, Christian de la Huerta is a sought-after spiritual teacher, personal transformation coach and leading voice in the breathwork community. He has traveled the world offering inspiring and transformational retreats combining psychological and spiritual teachings with lasting and life-changing effects. An award-winning, critically acclaimed author, he has spoken at numerous universities and conferences and on the TEDx stage. His new book, Awakening the Soul of Power, was described by multiple Grammy Award–winner Gloria Estefan as “a balm for the soul of anyone searching for truth and answers to life’s difficult questions” and has received a Nautilus Book Award and a Nonfiction Book Award. To find out more about his work and receive a free guided meditation, power practices and a chapter from the book, visit:


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