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How to Benefit from Feedback with Special Guest Ann Roberts

June 27, 2021 Suzie Carr with Guest Ann Roberts Season 2 Episode 29
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How to Benefit from Feedback with Special Guest Ann Roberts
Show Notes

We've all been there when we've received criticism and felt badly about it. Maybe the feedback made us question our work, our worth, our very path in life. If we allow it to, this feedback can derail us. But the key in this is 'if we allow it to'. We have the control to take this feedback in any way we choose.  Sometimes feedback can be a tough pill to swallow,  but it can actually benefit us if we open up to it and find the helpful parts.

In this episode, Ann Roberts - award-winning author, executive director of the Golden Crown Literary Society, and former educator - and I talk through ways we can benefit from feedback.

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Ann Roberts is the award-winning author of twenty romance, mystery and general fiction novels, including the Ari Adams mystery series. She has been short-listed for a Lambda Literary Award three times, and she has the unusual distinction of being recognized in both the Mystery and Romance categories. In 2014, her mystery novel Point of Betrayal, was awarded a Goldie as Best Mystery by the Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS). Ann is also the proud recipient of the Alice B. Medal for her body of work.

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