Curves Welcome

How to Start a New Journey

December 17, 2020 Suzie Carr Season 1 Episode 20
Curves Welcome
How to Start a New Journey
Show Notes

I always think the worst place I could ever find myself in life is stuck. Stuck in a situation that feels hopeless, boring, dreadful, or anything that is opposite of what I crave. What do I crave? Experiences that are dynamic, free-flowing, full of learning opportunities, and ways to contribute to others. 

I suppose that’s why starting a new journey for me has never been a difficult thing.

If you struggle with taking that first step toward something new, tune in! We'll explore ways to make it easier.

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I'm expanding my podcast in the New Year to be more interview focused. If you have a story to share where you've thrived after facing and embracing curves in life, DM me.

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