Curves Welcome

How to Better Believe in Yourself

September 24, 2020 Suzie Carr Season 1 Episode 16
Curves Welcome
How to Better Believe in Yourself
Show Notes

In this episode, I bring up something that happened in my past that defined me in a good way. The path getting there was really uncomfortable, bit I gained a healthy rush from it. 

I remember the first time I choked publicly. I was in high school. In fact, I was the new kid in town, starting over in eleventh grade in a new school. As if high school wasn’t hard enough on a kid, toss in the insecurity of having no friends, no alliances, nothing to keep yourself grounded. 

So there I was an awkward teenager, with eighties hair and nerves about as strong as tumbleweed, sitting in the front row of my English classroom in a panic. Why was I in panic? Because it was the first week of school, not a soul spoke to me, and I sat alone, perched at the front of the class, pretty much a beacon for being called upon by a teacher. Why did that freak me out? I have no idea. It never did before I entered that lonely high school classroom. In my former school, I had friends, I was a majorette, I was on the cross country team, and I knew everyone. Here, I was treated like an outsider and the stakes were high for me because I wanted to belong. I wanted them to want to be my friend. I wanted to be accepted and comfortable again. 

But the universe is funny when you seek comfort. It likes to screw with us, doesn’t it? Hahaha It likes to toss us into uncomfortable situations and see how long we can survive before we can thrive. 

Tune in to find out how I got past this and ways you can get past challenges, too.

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